The New Zealand Walnut Industry Group is here to help you. NZWIG’s aims include encouraging discussion and learning with publications (including your manual) and field days. We also instigate research projects and work with the research team as they search for answers to key questions for growers.

But NZWIG is not just for growers. We welcome all stakeholders in the walnut industry and draw on their expertise.

New Zealand Walnuts

We are proud of our public information web site. It’s called Walnuts PleaseTake a look, you’ll find information about;

Walnut Group Members

The NZ Walnut Industry Group Incorporated was incorporated as a society in NZ in 2001.

The objects for which the Association is formed are:

  1. To establish and maintain in NZ an industry body based upon the Walnut (Juglans sp.)
  2. To do any act, matter or thing which is incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects.

The Association shall set out to achieve such objects by:

  1. Encouraging the planting of nut trees, establishing trial areas for nut and or timber production, including the establishment of gene banks
  2. Promote, research and encourage a domestic and overseas export trade for walnuts
  3. Promote and commission scientific research, including plant breading, in all matters relative to walnuts
  4. To facilitate for the benefit of members the results of all scientific investigation, technical and practical information about walnuts
  5. To promote and provide for members, conferences, field days, workshops and any other training methods to further members’ knowledge about the growing and production of walnuts
  6. To promote an active liaison with the appropriate Research Organisations and Nut and Tree Associations in New Zealand and relevant international associations

8 Responses to Welcome

  1. sandie says:

    SPRAYFREE walnut producing lifestyle block 86 trees , 3brm house, sleepout plus range of outbuildings, nut harvest gear and fabulous orchard for sale in Geraldine. Details Sandie Finnie ph 021061 0492 LJ Hooker Geraldine.

  2. roly Veitch says:

    wanting to purchase walnuts. Live in timaru

    • Trudi Meyer says:

      Try your local farmers markets, some shops stock NZ walnuts. Or try A Cracker of A Nut (as you live in Timaru). They are walnut processors (a grower coop). They are in West Melton (west of Christchurch). Have a look on their website

    • Hi Roly
      The nearest supplier to you that I know of is;
      Brydone Growers
      469 Alma Maheno
      Main South Road
      They might have some, sorry I can’t give you a Timaru contact

  3. walter dupont says:

    can you stop them from growing nuts

  4. Erica Sievwright says:

    Hi NZWIG,

    We have a block of land that currently has 50 walnut trees, was wondering who to contact about possibly supplying walnuts for oil.
    Erica Sievwright

    • Trudi Meyer says:

      Hi Erica
      I just seen your question on the ChatZone.
      There is “Cracker of A Nut” in West Melton if you are in the South Island.
      Phone: 03 3478103
      Website: http://www.crackernut.com

      Please let me know if this helps or if you are elsewhere in the country, I can ask around for you!
      Trudi Meyer

  5. Gary DeBeer says:

    Dear NZWIG,

    We live in Drury, 40km south of Auckland and have a spare 2 acres of land for growing something and our thought is to grow walnuts.
    We have heard that Wilson’s Wonder could be a suitable species for this region.
    Our soil is a heavy loam. We have shelterbelts as the site was once an apple orchard.
    Would this type of crop be a viable option?
    Having read some great stories about walnut growing we would love to learn a bit more about it.

    Gary is a landscape designer and is keen on utalising our extra block of land.
    Thanking you for your reply,

    Gary and Agnes DeBeer

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