Welcome to the NZWIG News and Comment Space

Welcome to this special web-space for members of NZWIG and those interested. It is a place to share news, questions, pictures, comments etc.

Anyone can join in. The only restriction will be that content needs to be related to the aims of the NZ Walnut Industry Group. Basically content needs to be useful to members in developing the walnut industry in NZ and improving best practice management of walnut orchards.

Anyone can add a comment under a main item. Committee members and members of the Research Committee will be able to ‘post’ main items. Other members wishing to post main items can request access from the webmaster. To add a comment, simply click the word “comments” below a post.

Technically this is a ‘blog’, but don’t let that put you off. You can do it. Give it a go.

Opinions and views expressed on this site are not necessarily those held by NZWIG.

To find out more about using this site, check out the page, Using this Space.


About Graeme N

Graeme is a social complexity researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (a NZ government research organisation). He and his wife also own and operate a walnut orchard near Lincoln in Canterbury, NZ.
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1 Response to Welcome to the NZWIG News and Comment Space

  1. anplan08 says:

    Question – Is the Gibbston Valley area in Central Otago good for walnut orcharding?

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