2016 Annual General Meeting

AGM on Saturday the 2nd of July 2016,  West Melton hall,


• Forum. What would you like and what do you need from NZWIG in the future. 

◦Dave Malcolm will be holding a forum where we can put forward and discuss ideas about future activities of our group.

• Annual General Meeting.


◦Election of your committee

Those whose 2 year term is completed and come up for re-election are; Anna Brenmuhl, Brian Falkingham, Neville Gurr and Maria Tiede.

Neville has resigned as he will be overseas for a substantial period. 

To keep NZWIG alive and active new committee members are needed. We have just 4 or 5 meetings a year and being on the committee is interesting and worthwhile. So if you’d like to contribute to the wellbeing of our industry or know someone who would then please contact me, Nelson Hubber, 03 347 4040 or nelsonhubber@gmail.com  It works best if potential committee members can be nominated before the meeting where voting will take place.

Committee members are elected for two years. There are currently 8 members and Ian Sheerin, Dave Malcolm, Russell Hurst and I will come up for re-election next year. 

◦Promotional Dinner, walnut festival, recipe and pickled competitions. We have decided to hold this as a separate event in the spring. The objective is to promote and celebrate walnuts with enthusiasm and energy so we will be asking for volunteers to be part of an organising group for the event. If you’d like to help promote our product then please let me know. (Nelson Hubber, 03 347 4040 or nelsonhubber@gmail.com )

◦Other general business. Items for discussion accepted at or before the meeting.

• Cracking Competition. Please prepare for some fun and enter the event. Bring a standard builders claw hammer to crack the nuts, no fancy nut crackers allowed in the main event. There are likely to be several sections. The Fastest Crack. The Cleanest Crack. The Best Crack and The Crack and Eat. Anyone who spills nuts on the floor won’t be the winner. We will supply the nuts. 

Great Cracker Display. If you have an interesting walnut cracker or one that you particularly like then please bring it along and show us how it works.

• 6pm, Pot Luck Dinner and Social. Bring food for yourself, food to share and your own drinks. We will provide tea, coffee, cutlery, cups, glasses and plates etc. Food can be heated, kept warn, or cool, in the excellent kitchen facilities at the hall. You are welcome to invite friends to join us.

We look forward to seeing you, particularly at the forum to talk about what we would like WIG to be doing in the future.


About Nelson Hubber

Communications person, New Zealand Walnut Industry Group
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