2018 Annual Meeting and Field day

WIG Field Day, AGM and Annual Dinner – Saturday July 7th 1pm to 8.30pm

Programme for the day

The Walnut Industry Group Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday July 7th at the Two Fat Possums Restaurant, 745 Weedons Ross Rd at 5pm. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Preceding the AGM will be a visit to three properties looking at harvesting, drying and storage of walnuts. With the increasing walnut yields we are getting from our orchards it has become important that good systems are in place to efficiently wash and dry walnuts.

Starting at 1.00 pm, the first place we will visit is to Basil and Trudi Meyer’s property at 719 Telegraph Rd. Basil and Trudi will show us their German harvester made by Feucht Oberechnik. This harvester is very manueuverable, lightweight, and with a pick up width of about 2 metres. They will also show us their compost spreader also imported from Germany. This spreader is smaller than the larger New Zealand spreaders. Basil applies Living Earth compost at a rate of 8 tonnes to the hectare.

At 2.30pm we will visit Tony and Ngarie Sigmund’s orchard at 63 Neave Rd in West Melton. Tony and Ngarie have 10 acres with 400 trees in their orchard. They will show us their washing  machine and drying bins with carpet blowers which include the use of dehumidifiers.

At 3.30 we will visit Alan and Adrian Robinson’s orchard at 627 Halkett Rd in West Melton. Alan and Adrian have imported a 3.6 metre tower drying system that can dry 400kg of nuts in 2 days using electric heating and blowers.

Following these visits at 5pm will be the AGM in the function room at Two Fat Possums Restaurant at 745 Weedons Ross Rd in West Melton (opposite the West Melton School).An important part of the AGM will be the election of committee members. This year we are looking for new committee members to join. Nelson Hubber has be a loyal and long serving chairperson on our committee and would like to step down. Please give some thought to consider putting your name forward on being a committee member. There are only 5 meetings a year so its not a big time commitment.

Following the AGM at 6.30pm will be the Annual WIG dinner also at Two Fat Possums. I have booked the function room here which proved successful last year.

NZ Walnut 2017 Dinner

Members enjoying our 2017 Annual Dinner

Please RSVP Dave Malcolm (dandj.malcolm@gamil.com) by 4th July if you intend to come to the dinner for booking purposes. This year the dinner will be $40 for two courses (a choice of one of three mains and one of three desserts).

Looking forward to seeing you there. Your attendance will be much appreciated.
Kind regards
Dave Malcolm
Events Coordinator
NZ Walnut Industry Group

About Nelson Hubber

Communications person, New Zealand Walnut Industry Group
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2 Responses to 2018 Annual Meeting and Field day

  1. Basil and Trudi Meyer says:

    Hi David

    Trudi and I will attend the dinner

    Regards, Basil

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