For Sale: Organic walnut orchard

Graeme and Barbara Nicholas have decided to sell their 10.4 hectare orchard, near Lincoln.

The orchard is on elite Templeton silt loam soil. The trees will soon reach peak production. The orchard production has already reached 14 tonne and is projected to grow to at least 26 tonne. The orchard is in conversion to BioGro organic registration and the crop is already attracting a premium.

Demand for organic walnuts is strong, and exceeds supply. The orchard
comes complete with and excellent irrigation consent and plant (including harvester) for managing the orchard and harvest. Shares in NZ Walnut Co-operative are also available. These shares ensure a path to market for the crop.
The current orchard is the productive unit it is today because of the vendors’experience and decisions since 2001.

Find out more: Here

About Graeme N

Graeme is a social complexity researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (a NZ government research organisation). He and his wife also own and operate a walnut orchard near Lincoln in Canterbury, NZ.
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