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About Graeme N

Graeme is a social complexity researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (a NZ government research organisation). He and his wife also own and operate a walnut orchard near Lincoln in Canterbury, NZ.

Recently Sold – Organic walnut orchard

Graeme and Barbara Nicholas have sold their orchard.

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Benchmarking Process

The industry now has a benchmark website to enter and review orchard data. To get a login for your orchard, or to add your orchard to the benchmarking project please email Graeme for a login. Go to the benchmark login … Continue reading

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Choosing the cultivars to import for trial

[the following information has been supplied by Heather North from the NZWIG Research Committee, for members’ information and comment.  It outlines the characteristics under consideration for each of the cultivars  – GN] HOWARD + LARA Going by the recent Special … Continue reading

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Walnuts help diabetes control

Walnuts help diabetes control (ScienceAlert) A new study has found that keeping the diet for type 2 diabetes under control gets a lot of help from including daily amounts of foods with the right kind of fats such as walnuts. Check … Continue reading

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Discussion on importing cultivar material

The following is from an email to the NZWIG committee from Mike C. He was responding to the fact that the committee is considering planning a special general meeting to enable the next round of discussion and decision on importing … Continue reading

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Coping with frost

Canterbury and other walnut growing areas can has suffer a devastating “advection” frost. Devastating because it kills off all tender shoots even several meters above the ground, including flowers. Richard L. Snyder, Extension Biometeorologist University of California, Atmospheric Science describes … Continue reading

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Zinc Foliar Spray?

Zinc Foliar sprays Help.. Our Zi levels in our (01Feb-sampled) leaf samples have gradually fallen at ~ 5ppm per year from 30ppm in 2006 to 20ppm in 2008 so we have decided to act.  We are keen to try foliar … Continue reading

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