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The 2011 Cultivar Trial

The 2011 walnut cultivar trial Heather North & Anna Brenmuhl, NZWIG research committee, October 2015 Introduction – NZWIG cultivar trials At present, most commercial walnut orchards in New Zealand are dominated by just two cultivars – Rex and Meyric – … Continue reading

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Benchmarking Process

The industry now has a benchmark website to enter and review orchard data. To get a login for your orchard, or to add your orchard to the benchmarking project please email Graeme for a login. Go to the benchmark login … Continue reading

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Choosing the cultivars to import for trial

[the following information has been supplied by Heather North from the NZWIG Research Committee, for members’ information and comment.  It outlines the characteristics under consideration for each of the cultivars  – GN] HOWARD + LARA Going by the recent Special … Continue reading

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A heads up on the future of irrigated Walnut orchards in NZ.

The future of the Walnut industry in New Zealand depends on getting the irrigation consents right, water is a hot topic for regional councils who are working to reduce consented allocations. Continue reading

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Coping with frost

Canterbury and other walnut growing areas can has suffer a devastating “advection” frost. Devastating because it kills off all tender shoots even several meters above the ground, including flowers. Richard L. Snyder, Extension Biometeorologist University of California, Atmospheric Science describes … Continue reading

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Measure that girth!

The benchmarking project has had a real boost by contracting Ivan Barnett to liaise with orchardists and carry out some field work. May is the month for measuring trunk diameters. All orchardists can do this, and the more that do … Continue reading

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Benchmarking – estimating yield

The benchmarking project enters a new phase over this year. We are keen to get data on the ultimate benchmark, how productive our trees are being. There are two ways of knowing how good our management of our orchards is. … Continue reading

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