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  1. thehardedge says:

    We had a big storm here in South Canterbury where we have a very old walnut grove. One of the trees was blown over and I would like to know if anyone buys this wood..?
    Many thanks,

  2. Luise Lockwood says:


    I have finished building outside of Arrowtown in Central Otago and would like to plant 6 walnut trees.
    Can anyone advise which variety would be the most successful , where i can purchase great quality trees and should these be bare rooted.

    Many Thanks Luise

    • nelsonhubber says:

      Hi Luise, A good person to contact is David Murdoch, Prices Valley, R D 3,Little River. He is a knowledgeable horticulturalist who sells grafted walnuts trees. Franquette is a frost hardy variety which would be good for you but it might be hard to get. Otto and Valda Muller who live at Cromwell have a lot of knowledge about walnuts in your area.

  3. Richard Thoms says:

    Hi, Could any body point me in the right direction we have 100 kg of clean walnuts id like proccessed asap, We live in north Canterbury.

  4. Maureen Jacobs says:


    Has anyone got any plans for walnut drying bins where you use a carpet dryer, I need to make one for next year and thought someone might have a template or example I can use.

    I have a small orchard of 160 trees and they are starting to come into full production so my drying racks need a bit of help!.


    • Hi Maureen,
      I have made bins like the ones you enquire about but don’t have any plans. You’re welcome to come and look at ours or i can send you some photos. They worked very well this year.

  5. Geoff Mansell says:

    Hi there, I am interested to procure a couple of walnut trees which I understand would be suitable varieties for Maungatapere, Northland. The two trees I seek is one each of Shannon (1335) and Wilson Wonder. I would be grateful for the names of some suppliers that stock these varieties in the Auckland, Northland or Bay of Plenty regions please?

    Kind regards,
    Geoff Mansell

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