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  1. M poynter says:

    Hi there. We have a hill paddock we would like to plant in walnuts. Does anyone have advise on growing walnut trees on s slop. Should we look st terracing before planting, best types of walnuts to grow on slop etc. also advice on where to buy the walnut plants themselves. We live in Hawkes bay. Thanks so much.

  2. Maria Williams says:

    Hi there I am looking for some black walnut hulls for herbal medicine. I am in Whitianga and would be happy to pay for postage if anyone has these please.



  3. Kate Carter says:

    Hi, What experiences are others having with their nuts this year? A large percentage of ours, over 50% maybe even as high as 70% are mouldy on collection. The shells appear good on the outside & it isn’t until they are cracked that the white fuzzy mould can be seen around the inside of shell. The kernal itself appears nice looking, not discoloured. The nuts are being harvested as normal, trees shaken, collected every few days (without husks, or husks removed straight away) washed, then laid out in single layers to dry. Noticing they are even mouldy at collection stage. It dosnt appear to be typical blight? Is it just a bad year with the wet weather?

  4. Martin Silva says:

    I´m Martin from Chile. I´m starting a composting facility, and my main source ingredient will be residues from walnuts process, like husks. Is there any cautions I must take?, what about the compost quality?, there is a limit on the amount of this material I can use to have a good quality compost?, what about toxins related with this material?
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Ben Grady says:

    Hi there. I have two huge walnut trees. One is a large soft shell walnut and the other a standard size small nut. I have lived here in Blenheim for 13 years and the trees have not been pruned at all since I have been here.
    Normally I get real good walnuts from both trees.
    Last year we had a drought and the soft shell tree looked stressed and lost its leaves very early. This year it has had very few leaves at all and the other tree looks stressed with about half its amount of leaves only. One of my neighbors trees looks stressed but the others look o.k.
    Any ideas of what I should do? Could the trees be dying?

  6. Joy Summers says:

    We have a previously beautiful walnut in our back yard but there has been a lot of die back and I think there is only abou 1/4 of the leaves. We have endeavoured to cut of ant of the dead or dying branches. We have noticed a miss/mound on a lot of the tree does this affect it. What is causing our tree to die. We estimate the tree is between 50-100 years old (age of our property)

  7. Jeff Richards says:

    We have recently sold our walnut orchard in North Canterbury and have walnut processing equipment for sale. There are 4 rollers; 6 walnut drying racks and an insulated shipping container for drying with a dehumidifyer and 2 air fans; 1 walnut cracking machine; 1 walnut grader; 1 turbo vac (nut harvester); 1 walnut oil press; 1 chocolate enrober (chocolate coating machine); 1 electronic scales up to 15kg; 1 set ‘Avery’ scales up to 100kg; 1 pralinator for candy coating walnuts.

    We also have some other orchard equipment for sale. If you are interested or have any questions please ring us on 03 3120181.

    Joy and Jeff Richards

  8. Michael Wilson says:

    Where can I buy Wilson’S Wonder trees in/near Wellington

  9. Jason Lawson says:

    I have 20 kg of shelled and bagged walnut halves to sell .Is there a walnut buyer in NZ?

    • Trudi Meyer says:

      Hello Jason. I have just spotted your question.
      There are two walnut processors in NZ (as far as I know).
      Cracker of A Nut in West Melton (Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative. Trading as A CRACKER OF A NUT. Commercial supplies of walnuts and walnut products. Phone 03 347 8103 http://www.crackernut.co.nz) and
      Uncle Joe’s in Blenheim (Uncle Joe’s Nut and seed products. Commercial processors. Blenheim, phone 03 577 9884; http://www.unclejoes.co.nz)
      Usually they want walnuts in shell, but you never know. Try them, if you haven’t eaten those walnuts yet.
      I hope this helps

  10. John Davis says:

    I am interested in purchasing a small amount (say 1Kg) of pickled walnuts. Can anyone give me details of a store from where they can be obtained.I live in Gisborne.

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