John Hollings Dryer In A Container

Nifty Dryer & Storage Setup – All In A Container

John and Wendy Hollings bought their already established walnut orchard in Torlesse Road West Melton at the end of 2017 and needed a drying and storage setup for the 2018 harvest. John, being a handy allrounder, hunted around, asked lots of questions and came up with this neat and effective setup.

The container has doors at one end and all along the side so it wasn’t the cheapest one that could be bought but it very versatile.

Air is dried by two standard domestic dehumidifiers and common carpet drying fans supply the airflow.

In 2018 John and Wendy dried 3.6 tonnes of walnuts at a total operating cost of 10¢ a dried kilo for the electricity.

The storage boxes used are the smaller of the two standard sizes adopted in Canterbury and they can be stacked three high in the storage area of the container. Their 35hp tractor is able to handle the small boxes well enough.



Above. Diagram of the container showing different sections.

Opposite. Business end of the container where drying takes place.

Below. Tractor shifting storage boxes. 

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