Monitor Chatzone

This will be old-hat to some, but I am putting it here to assist those have not yet discovered how to monitor new items as they get posted on a blog like NZ Walnut Chatzone. It will also be useful for anyone that regularly checks in on other blogs, forums or news on the web.

To monitor new entries (postings) try setting up an RSS feed.

I have found a couple of very helpful and simple intros for those who have not discovered or setup RSS yet.

The first is a short video on YouTube. It introduces the web-based approach to RSS. Basically, this means subscribing to a web service that you can then tell to collect (aggregate) any new material that gets posted on your favourite blog, news or forum website. Then all you need to do is visit the one place and you can keep up with or browse anything you asked for. Check it out here.

The other is a one page quick introduction: What is RSS? It includes reference to the alternative approach which is to have something on your computer that gathers the material from your favourite sites so you can browse them. These are either simple programs or plugins that integrate with your web browser or email program. Check out the quick introduction here.

What I do – not what everyone would or should choose – is use a plugin or addon to my browser. I happen to use Mozilla Firefox as my browser (because it is good) and Firefox has a range of useful addons, including the one I use: WizzRSS.

Have fun.

1 Response to Monitor Chatzone

  1. Gerda McGechan says:

    Where can I buy BIG in-the-shell walnuts?

    Last year I was able to buy huge “Wild Walnuts” from Huckleberry Farms shop in Auckland. This year they tell me there wasn’t enough demand to continue stocking them.

    We are not enormous consumers, but would certainly love to know where we can find these impressive nuts.

    Any suggestions?


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