Membership is personal rather than per business or property. However, there is provision for membership at a discounted rate for a second person associated with any orchard that already has a member.

Membership includes subscription to the NZWIG Newsletter and entitles you to take part in our field days and events. Membership fees help us with practical research and generic market promotion for the benefit of growers.

Annual subscription fee ….. $100.00

A second person per orchard, wishing to be a personal member ….. $20.00

There is a first year discount to new members, the fee being $50 and any second member for that property being $10.

To apply for membership please use the “Contact Us” page of this web site or forward and application for membership to:

NZ Walnut Industry Group Inc.
c/o Anna Morris,
63 Jacks Drive
West Melton

Include name, address, phone, email details.

An invoice will be sent to you with our bank account details to enable payment.

Please indicate if you are happy to have contact details and other information made available to other NZWIG members.

3 Responses to Join NZWIG

  1. Rick Haselden says:

    We have a 8yr old walnut orchard and we would like to join up and learn more.
    Two people Rick Haselden and Donna Gillatt

  2. Malcolm Horwell says:

    could you please let us know when the subscriptions are due, we are new members and not too sure

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