NZWIG Newsletter Index

NZWIG Newsletter Spring 2021. Harvesting & Drying field day, Articles from Wairarapa & Central Otago, Research report & much more

NZWIG Newsletter Autumn 2021. Uncle Joe’s, Items for sale, Improving yields on poorer soil, The walnut market and more. 

NZWIG Newsletter November 2020. Basil and Trudi Meyer’s solar system, walnut drying, blight and much more. 

NZWIG Newsletter Autumn 2020. Lots of topics including farewell to Jenny and Malcolm Lawrence, Hugh and Jill Stevenson’s organic property and what our industry promises

NZWIG Newsletter October 2019, Part 1

NZWIG Newsletter October 2019, Part 2

The contents of the October 2019 Newsletter include New Zealand’s largest walnut producer, walnuts and the food industry in Holland. New smart sorter. The promise of our industry and more. 

NZWIG Newsletter 17 June 2019 – Harvesting machines, harvest report, cultivars, an interesting Wanganui property, walnut timber and more.

NZWIG Newsletter 18 February 2019 – Professor David McNeil’s seminar, a nifty drying system, notes on Phytophthora and more.

NZWIG Newsletter 1 December 2018 – Field day on small orchard, fertilizer, compost and other.

NZWIG Newsletter September 2018  – New Committee, Food Act 2014, Growing higher yields.

WIG Newsletter December 2017 – Features two field days, one focusing on organics and the other on drying and harvesting.

WIG Newsletter October 2016 – Information about blight management and organic versus standard production.

WIG Newsletter August 2016 – Includes information about spring walnut tree management.

WIG Newsletter June 2016 – Includes information about February Field Day and drying walnuts.

WIG Newsletter February 2016 – Includes information about the Japanese market.

WIG Newsletter December 2015 – Includes information about irrigation.

WIG Newsletter November 2015 – Includes trial block and field day information.

WIG Newsletter September 2015

WIG Newsletter February 2015

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