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NZWIG Newsletter 3 October 2019 – New Zealand’s largest walnut producer, walnuts and the food industry in Holland. New smart sorter. The promise of our industry and more. View Here. 

NZWIG Newsletter 17 June 2019 – Harvesting machines, harvest report, cultivars, an interesting Wanganui property, walnut timber and more. View Here

NZWIG Newsletter 18 February 2019 – Professor David McNeil’s seminar, a nifty drying system, notes on Phytophthora and more. View Here

NZWIG Newsletter 1 December 2018 – Field day on small orchard, fertilizer, compost and other . View Here

NZWIG Newsletter September 2018  – New Committee, Food Act 2014, Growing higher yields.    View Here

WIG Newsletter December 2017 – Features two field days, one focusing on organics and the other on drying and harvesting.

WIG Newsletter October 2016 – Information about blight management and organic versus standard production

WIG Newsletter August 2016 – Includes information about spring walnut tree management.

WIG Newsletter June 2016 – Includes information about February Field Day and drying walnuts.

WIG Newsletter February 2016 – Includes information about the Japanese market.

WIG Newsletter December 2015 – Includes information about irrigation.

WIG Newsletter November 2015 – Includes trial block and field day information.

WIG Newsletter September 2015

WIG Newsletter February 2015