Videos and More! - All about walnut growing in New Zealand

  • In February 2022 an open day was held to provide information for those new to the idea of growing walnuts commercially in New Zealand.
  • The open day was held on a large commercial walnut orchard.
  • A series of speakers provided up to date information.
  • The whole event was recorded and is provided here in a series of videos. 
  • Other information and images can also be found on this page. 
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The Open Day and video production was sponsored by Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative and the New Zealand Walnut Industry Group. The Co-operative is the largest walnut processor in New Zealand and NZWIG is the growers’ organisation that provides this website. 

Table of Contents

Six benefits of growing walnuts commercially

  • Low carbon emissions
  • Low nitrate leaching
  • Low chemical input
  • Healthy product
  • Beautiful environment to live and work!
  • Machine harvesting. Not as much labour as other horticultural crops

Short Video A, growing and harvesting Tricketts Grove walnuts

A short overview provided by Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative. 

Short Video B, processing Tricketts Grove walnuts

The second of two short videos provided by Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative.

Comprehensive videos covering everything you need to know


  • The videos in this section provide comprehensive and invaluable information about growing walnuts commercially in New Zealand.
  • Well worth watching if you’re serious about walnuts.

Open Day Video Part 1

This 58 minute video covers;

  • Introduction to the industry
  • Growing
  • Harvesting
  • Financial Aspects

Open Day Video Part 2

This 23 minute video covers;

  • Orchard Management
  • Washing, sorting, drying equipment
  • Harvesting Machinery

Open Day Video Part 3

This 63 minute video covers;

  • Environmental footprint (Carbon Footprint)
  • Nutritional benefits of walnuts
  • Large farmer’s perspective
  • Walnut processing and marketing. 

Notes from The Open Day

Media articles about walnuts and the Open Day

Profiles of the presenters who appear on the videos

Andrew & Jo Horsbrugh. MC and hosts.

Directors and owners of Tunlaw Farm walnut orchard.

Andrew and Jo started developing their 43 ha walnut orchard 21 years ago. They have planted 18 km of shelter, over 400 specimen trees, and 3615 walnut trees. There are four varieties of walnuts with the majority ‘Rex’ and ‘Meyric’ planted between 2003 and 2011.

Prior to starting the orchard, Jo spent 5 years working in the Food Service industry and has a Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Science from Otago University and a Diploma in teaching. Starting a family coincided with the purchase of their block of land in West Melton, and Jo has been full time on the orchard since 2000 while also bringing up the family.

Andrew has only recently come home to be full time on the orchard after a lifetime career in New Zealand agri-business. Andrew has had leadership roles at Farmlands Co-operative, Craigmore Sustainables, in manufacturing, and in the primary industry supply chain. These roles have ensured an understanding of New Zealand agribusiness from many different perspectives. Andrew is a member of the Institute of Directors and is Chair of Walnuts NZ Co-operative, a director of Donaghys Industries, and has sat on several other boards including 5 years at FarmIQ. Andrew has a BE (mech) and an MBA.

Dave Malcolm. Introduction to walnut industry and financial budgeting. 

Chairperson, NZ Walnut Industry Group. Walnut grower in Swannanoa. Self-employed gardener.

Before setting up his gardening business, Dave Malcolm was a secondary school teacher, teaching horticulture, agriculture, biology and science. 21 years ago, he and his wife established their 2 hectare walnut orchard in Swannanoa. Dave has been on the NZ Walnut Industry Group committee for the last 10 years and chairperson for a year and a half.

Dave has a Bachelor of Science (Canterbury University) and Diploma in Horticulture Science (Lincoln University).

Victoria Westbrook

Dr Victoria Westbrooke

Senior Lecturer, Land Management & Systems, Lincoln University.

Victoria’s area of research is agricultural management, at the interface of biophysical agricultural science and human /social research. She is  interested in applying this to the industry and focus on developing improved farming systems to enhance farm profitability and sustainability. Several key issues for New Zealand farmers are of interest – future strategies for smaller-scale farmers, decision making in agricultural management and development and evaluation of agricultural extension programs.

Sharing knowledge and information, within the industry is a critical part of developing farming systems. Victoria is interested in fostering ways in which processors, farmer advisors, researchers and farmers can operate as a network to increase the adoption of relevant technology and knowledge on-farm.

Victoria has a PhD from Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia. A GradCert ResMgt Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia and B.Agr.Sc (Hons)
Lincoln University, Lincoln, New Zealand

Dr Heather North. Conditions for growing walnuts. 

Research Leader, NZ Walnut Industry Group. Walnut Grower, Lightfoot Walnuts, Canterbury. Research Scientist (Contractor), Satellite remote sensing specialist.

Heather North has been a walnut grower for 23 years, running Lightfoot Walnuts in Canterbury with business partner Clive Marsh. She was a founding member of the NZ Walnut Industry Group and has been active in walnut-related research for over two decades. Heather was on the foundation board of directors that set up Walnuts NZ Co-operative Ltd, serving on that board for six years.

Heather obtained her PhD in optics and image processing from Massey University in 1998, and subsequently worked at a Research Scientist at Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research for 10 years, specialising in satellite remote sensing. This was followed by four years working fulltime on dairy farms, before Heather returned to live on the walnut orchard and continue satellite remote sensing research as a self-employed contractor (predominantly working for Manaaki Whenua).

Dr Steve Thomas. Environmental aspects,

Senior Scientist, Climate Smart Systems, New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research.

Steve’s research career has primarily focussed on mitigating environmental losses to water and air and enhancing soil quality across a range of cropping and pastoral systems. His expertise extends to developing methods to improve irrigation water management, reduce nutrient losses and greenhouse gas emissions, and understanding soil carbon processes. He currently leads research on land suitability and productivity in a research programme designed to provide knowledge to enable land users make well-informed, values-based land use change decisions. Steve has been at Plant & Food Research for over 20 years. He gained his PhD in Soil Science from Lincoln University and holds a Masters in Land & Water Management.

Steve and his partner Sonya recently became owners of an established walnut orchard near Rolleston. They are members of Walnuts NZ Co-operative Ltd and NZ Walnut Industry Group.

Dr Carolyn Lister. Nutritional benefits.

Principal Scientist and Team Leader Food & Health Information, New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research.

Dr Carolyn Lister leads the Food & Health Information Team at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research based in Lincoln and has been on the staff there for over 30 years. She completed her BSc (Hons) then obtained her PhD in plant biochemistry in 1994 (both from the University of Canterbury University). A fellowship at the University of Glasgow in 1997 fuelled her interest in the role of plant pigments in human health.

Carolyn’s team manages the New Zealand Food Composition Database and she drives a key programme to make food composition data easier to manage as well as more accessible and relevant to users. A key developing area of research is centred on nutritional sustainability, nutrition sensitive agriculture and regenerative agriculture impacts on food quality. She also works with a range of industry groups in NZ and internationally focusing to develop nutrition and health claims for foods and to promote greater consumption of plant-based foods for their nutrition and health benefits. Carolyn also has a strong interest in communicating science to the community. External appointments include sitting on the Zespri Health and Nutrition Scientific Advisory Board, the Board of Trustees of the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust and the Anchor Center for Certification (ACC), China International Expert Committee.

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Member’s Library includes Dr Steve Thomas’s formal Environmental Footprint report.

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