Using this space

Introducing NZ Walnut Chatzone
An interactive webspace for sharing news, views, questions and resources on walnut growing in NZ

The NZWIG Communications, Promotions and Stability Committee has undertaken a review of the NZWIG website. Several changes will be implemented as a result. One enhancement of the site is to provide an interactive space for members to add their own comments and material.

Anyone can join in. The only restriction will be that content needs to be related to the aims of the NZ Walnut Industry Group. Basically content needs to be useful to members in developing the walnut industry in NZ and improving best practice management of walnut orchards. As a protection against rogue content getting on, all content will be monitored and (if necessary) controlled by the NZWIG webmaster, Graeme Nicholas.

Technically this is a ‘blog’ (short for ‘web-log’) but don’t let that put you off; it is simply a website that anyone can add material to directly from their own computer, without technical knowledge. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

NZ Walnut Chatzone is a supplement to the main NZWIG website, It can be accessed through a link on the main site or directly at . There is also a link to the main site from NZ Walnut Chatzone.

Here are some helpful hints on using NZ Walnut Chatzone:

• The opening page shows recent items that have been added, each with its own heading and showing who added it.

• Items are arranged in the order they were submitted, with the most recent at the top.

• These main items are referred to as posts.

• At the end of each post there is a note as to how many comments have been added about that post. By clicking on the word ‘comments’ anyone can add a comment on any post. This enables discussion, questions etc. to be sparked of by any post.

• Initially NZWIG committee members and members of the Research Committee will be able to ‘post’ main items. Other members wishing to post main items can request access from the webmaster.

• Anyone can add a comment. There is no special login or sign-in required. However, there is a way of signing in and this means that you are identified with your comment, and gives access to other functions on the site.

NZ Walnut Chatzone is hosted on a public web-log site, Anyone can sign up and get a username if they want to. Anyone can also start their own blog on for free.

• To get a username, either so you have greater use of NZ Walnut Chatzone, or to set up your own blog, simply go to and follow the instructions. If you do not want your own blog simply choose the “Just a Username please” option.

• Sometimes a word or phrase will be ‘linked’ so that clicking on it will open another page.  Links are underlined like this.  A link may take you to an item within the Chatzone site, an item on the main NZWIG site, or an item somewhere else on the internet.

• Opinions and views expressed on this site are not necessarily those held by NZWIG.

• Any questions about NZ Walnut Chatzone can either be submitted as a Comment on the sight itself, or emailed to webmaster(at)

3 Responses to Using this space

  1. Mike says:


    There was at least one AGM where a remit was presented and passed to make an amendment. That change was to rename the group the NEW ZEALAND WALNUT INDUSTRY GROUP. I’m certain there were other remits presented at another AGM or two and I feel certain that there was one more change passed by the Gruop. I think the remit had something to do with recording or perserving the history of walnut growing in NZ or the persevation and recording of the history of the NZWIG.

    Someone should have the minutes of each one of our AGMs. I sincerely hope that we have not lost these at this early stage of our development.

    Can anyone else help.



  2. Mike says:


    I have found the constitution on this website. I belief this is the original document without amendment(s).

    There is a least one amendment, by a remit at an AGM chaging the name from the “Walnut Industry Group” to the “New Zealand Walnut Industry Group”. I think there may have been one or two other constitutional change remits, however can’t remember exactly what they were and whether they were won or lost on a vote. (I have some recollection of at least one other remit that was lost because it was considered to be be to presciptive)

    Would it be possiible to add such detail to that part of the website containing the constitution, ie remit presented when and where, and whether they were won or lost and why.

    Do we have available a current copy of the constitution available and if so could it be posted on the website?

    Thanks for your help and continue the good work.


    • Graeme says:

      Thanks Mike
      The version of the constitution that is on the website is the only legal version – that is, it is the version that is lodged with the companies office and has not been amended as far as I can see. If you think it has been amended you will need to show that in General Meeting minutes.

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